203: Romeo | DJing Hip Hop On The Radio, From Power 106 to 93.5 KDAY

Welcome to episode 203 of the show, where we have radio DJ, host, and personality Romeo from 93.5 KDAY, and previously Power 106 with Dejai of the Goodfellas, joining as a guest~.

From his public bio, “Growing up in the music business, Romeo always wanted to be a singer and a writer, but he never thought that his career and blessings would come through the radio. After meeting someone in his apartment complex, the conversation came up about radio and the rest is history.

Fifteen years later, Romeo has sung the National Anthem for the Lakers, Sparks, Dodgers, Kings, and LA Galaxy. He has also produced jingles for BET — all the while maintaining a great career in radio. He says waking up doing the Morning Show on 93.5 KDAY has been a longtime dream that has now come true.”

On this episode, we discussed:

  • how he started his career at Power 106, and how he got on to there with his friend Dejai
  • some of the individuals who Romeo has met along the way, like Aaliyah, Jennifer Lopez, or DJ Quik, and some stories related to them
  • information about the radio industry and about song selection
  • music and performing that Romeo has done in the past, and will do
  • how 93.5 KDAY and Power 106 are connected as radio networks
  • Romeo’s leadership ability and where it comes from
  • being heard, standing out, and being humble
  • how Romeo got back into radio after being off of it for some time
  • how hip hop has adjusted in form over the last decade or two
  • where to get fuel for the fire of your motivation
  • and did a paired freestyle to each other’s beats

You can check out Romeo on the radio in Los Angeles on 93.5 KDAY, see him at public events related to the radio station, or listen to him on the podcast “Tha Goodfellas and Porscha Coleman ‘UNCUT’.