204: Simone Albuquerque | Ecology, Sustainable Farming, And Water Management

Farming and ecology is the cornerstone of what we eat and how we live. Welcome to episode 204 with UC Santa Cruz student and educator Simone Albuquerque~.

Simone is a thoughtful individual who looks at and feels the interplay between the way that farming is done, from pesticides used to workers involved, and the end result of crops that are used for cooking and eating. This holistic view is a broad sense that is necessary to build toward sustainable long-term results for us as a people.

On this episode, we discussed:

  • how Simone looks at the complex interactions among species happening in farms and gardens
  • whether people in farm labor or related fields make a livable income, and its connection to the food that comes out
  • strawberries and a pesticide associated with it
  • crops that are endemic to an area, and the inefficiency associated with growing plants where they are not suited for
  • species that are at risk of disappearing around the world
  • some native nuts that grow in California
  • the systems in place to collect or manage water absorption in this drought-filled region of the world
  • how Simone speaks to/interviews people related to food justice and more
  • building riverbeds to allow for water flow/capture that waste less water
  • where Simone is on the here-and-now versus dopaminergic spectrum
  • the book Tending The Wild by Kat Anderson
  • a message for all the people

Glad to have Simone join on this one.