256: Daniel James Smith & Krystall Schott | Music And Creativity With The Band “Untitled Social Experiment”, Known As “USE”

Welcome to April of 2020 and episode 256 of the show, with the guest duo of Daniel James Smith and Krystall Schott, who make up the band “Untitled Social Experiment”, also known as “USE”. With songs like “Sugar Rush” and “Psycho“, this pairing has brought solid production quality into the content they put out, with messages to understand underneath.

Daniel has been making music for some years under the moniker of T.O.L.D, and brings his experience and skills to Untitled Social Experiment. Krystall has done painting, sang in choir early on, and after modeling in recent years, she made her return to music when teaming up with Daniel to form creative art. Synths and melodies and singing tones abound in the music made by USE.

Show notes:

  • how the group and duo originated, and who they are inspired by
  • the production of art in a light nature, but keeping a focus on content creation
  • how introductions and key moments in life can seem blurry
  • what it takes to get along with someone, based on similarities
  • some bands the group would work with or like to emulate in some form
  • the pandemic and quarantine, and where it leaves each person to self-process, and looking toward how it leaves society
  • what age the members started doing music at, and what types of instruments or singing they have done
  • how support at the right time in life can lead to quicker results
  • switching from one goal to another once it seems too readily available, versus sticking to one thing at a time
  • the way that the members complement one another for production
  • a book called “The Dao of Capital” being read at the current time, and what it represents for temporal understanding
  • the qualities that each band members looks for in others
  • the song Adam & Eve Meet Snake, Say No to apple, Stay in Paradise Forever mentioned in the episode
  • other types of content being put out, whether on Tik Tok or elsewhere
  • periods of flow and lack of flow, and how to think about them
  • a couple of questions back to me about me and my show
  • messages from each member about life

Glad to have Daniel and Krystall on the show~. You can check out their content on Spotify and other audio platforms online, along with some of their content featured on T.O.L.D. You can also check them out on Instagram at @untitledsocialexperiment.

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