278: Joseph Sarkissian | Biological Dentistry Through Holistic Care For Health And Aesthetics

To look at something holistically is to look at it with a broad view, as compared with narrowing our perspective and leaving out the bigger picture when making decisions. Dr. Joseph Sarkissian handles the world of dentistry in such a way, treating patients with detail that takes their total health into account, and he joins on this episode of the show.

Dr. Sarkissian runs his dental practice in Glendale, California. He studied microbiology at the University of Alabama, and received his dental degree at the University of Goettingen in West Germany. His practice of dentistry was originally on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, and he later relocated to Los Angeles, where his own practice is now located. He is of the Armenian people, similar to myself, and represents well for the nation and its continuity of tradition and exploration of its roots.

Show notes:

  • a bit about Dr. Sarkissian’s national and educational background, linking to how he got where he currently is
  • holistic or biological dentistry, and the tenets that are followed under that description of practice
  • impacting the youth, in terms of health and their aesthetic smiles
  • how dentistry has changed or improved in the past decade
  • whether mouth breathing or nasal breathing can be noticed by a dentist, and the impacts each type can have
  • how much tooth health is connected with overall health
  • the building of one’s own practice, and what it takes to maintain that
  • the importance of early dental care and adjustment, in prevention of problems decades down the line
  • how much regular dental care impacts the need for dental work
  • complex procedures that are performed, and how skill is built up for those

It was good to have Dr. Sarkissian on the show. You can check out his dental practice website, YouTube page, or Instagram @sarkissiandds.