31: Discussing Concepts In Jay-Z New York Times Conversation Video

This episode is discussion about life concepts presented by Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) in his discussion with Dean Baquet of The New York Times, as seen/heard in this Youtube video. This video/audio had concepts about people, vulnerability, truth, fear, pain, compassion, helping, challenging, having a dialogue, and more.

All the times links are to that time in the video, so you can hear him talk about the concepts himself if so desired.

  • 2:57 – goal to live life through your abilities, not to be successful/famous
  • 9:31 – having a dialog about a thing is necessary, it happened regardless of if talked about or not (what you reveal you heal)
  • 11:15 – Jay-Z doesn’t feel racism until when he challenges the status quo – life shows its cards when you challenge it
  • 12:46 – everything is connected
  • 13:37 – people on streets asking “what you lookin’ at” because caused fight because person being seen in pain and responding like “oh you see me”
  • 19:11 – “I love people” “I want what’s best for people” “without people being rich would be very boring” “then what do you do”
  • 20:20 – strongest thing person can do is be vulnerable with their feelings, not guarded
  • 21:30 – can’t expose all truths until people around are ready, and they have their truths too
  • 25:04 – it’s not about being in the white hot space, it’s really small, but it’s about finding the truth, it’s about the forever
  • 27:16 – obligation to further the conversation, it’s okay to be smart
  • 29:44 – you don’t turn your back on the community that uplifted you or your time is out
  • 32:35 – Kanye is a compassionate person – a lot of times you get in trouble trying to help others
  • 34:12 – the best place is right in the middle of the pain, and it’s uncomfortable, most people don’t want to look inside themselves, and so they walk away

I always enjoy conceptual discussion and understanding. If depth is there, I am usually there. Hope you enjoyed episode 31.

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