329: Gary & Kaspar Kazazian | Methods, Tips, And Strategies In “California Surf Fishing”

As we make our way to episode 329 of the show, we switch things up with the creators of California Surf Fishing, a duo who fishes on the coast of California. Both Gary and Kaspar Kazazian have joined on previous episodes, but never both together and on video, and they join on this one to discuss the book of their fishing knowledge titled California Surf Fishing: The Hunt for Big Fish.

Since 2017, Gary and Kaspar of California Surf Fishing have spent countless hours fishing the Southern California surf in pursuit of game fish. They’re here to teach you everything they’ve learned. Trophy white seabass, halibut, sheephead, and calico bass are within reach. Their book is a how to guide. 

What began as a casual hobby, with a few small perch, turned into a wonderful passion. They learned that there are indeed ways to target large game fish from shore. By focusing on the factors that affect fish behavior, they developed their two methods for consistently catching trophies. Those methods are now for the reader of their book.

Link: California Surf Fishing Website | The Book | Instagram

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