34: Chapters 9 Through 12 Of Behave By Robert Sapolsky

We are back at it with some Sapolsky for you. This is a summary of chapters 9 through 12 in his book “Behave”, and I took in-depth notes on these chapters regarding human behavior. Some of the topics in this episode are:

  • collectivist versus individualist cultures and their different thinking
  • how culture impacts action
  • how behavior evolved in terms of kin selection and pairing to family and extended family
  • us versus them thinking, and how Others are viewed by Us groups
  • levels of hierarchy in society and how noted they are by all animals, but especially people

This book is packed with information. The next episode that includes content on it will be on chapters 13 through 17(which is the last chapter), and then I will do a recap.

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