348: Jon Alexander & Ariane Conrad | Transferring To The Citizen Story From Consumerism In “Citizens”

What is the difference between a citizen and a consumer? How can we become more involved in our society than we currently are? On episode 348, Jon Alexander and Ariane Conrad of the book Citizens join to discuss this concept, as well as steps in the writing process, and being a support for a creative.

In 2014, Jon Alexander co-founded the New Citizenship Project with Irenie Ekkeshis, a former adland colleague. Their mission was to figure out how to use their skills not just to sell stuff to Consumers, but to involve people in the decisions that affect their lives as Citizens.

Working with Ariane Conrad, a best-selling writer who has built a career turning big ideas into books that change the world, Jon drew on all his experience with NCP, studied the best of what’s going on all over the world, and interrogated three Masters degrees-worth of knowledge to pull this together. He truly believes that we humans are collaborative, creative, caring Citizens by nature – and if we give ourselves and each other the chance, we can fix this.

Ariane Conrad is an editorial consultant and coach known as the Book Doula. She nurtures world-changing ideas and the people behind them. Together, they craft effective messages, strategies, and trajectories. Together, they write nonfiction books that are accessible and compelling.

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