350: Juliana Schroeder | Decision-Making, Social Judgment, And Mind Perception

Juliana Schroeder Photos Copyright Noah Berger / 2019

Juliana Schroeder is an award-winning professor in the Management of Organizations group at the Haas School of Business. She is a faculty affiliate in the Social Psychology Department, the Cognition Department, and the Center for Human-Compatible AI at UC Berkeley. She teaches the Negotiations and Conflict Resolution course at Haas. She joins me on episode 350 of the show, where we discuss various research topics from her articles.

Professor Juliana Schroeder is a behavioral scientist who studies the psychological processes by which people think about the minds of other people. Every day, people make attributions about others’ intellectual and emotional mental capacities. These attributions are consequential because they underlie decisions about how to interact with others, such as whether to help or harm them.

For instance, determining whether a negotiation partner is trustworthy affects a person’s willingness to concede. Determining whether an outgroup member is competent affects moral concern for their well-being. Juliana’s research uses experiments to understand how people make inferences about other minds, and to further test the consequences of their inferences.





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