422: Bianca Bosker | The Art World And Visual Literacy In “Get The Picture”

In this episode, author Bianca Bosker discusses her book ‘Get the Picture’ and her journey into the art world. She shares her frustration with art and her rediscovery of its importance in her life. Bosker explores the evolution and universality of art, highlighting its essential role in human experience. She also discusses the unique perspective of artists and their ability to see and experience the world differently. Bosker emphasizes the practicality and essentiality of art, challenging the notion that it is a luxury. She also explores the key players in the art world and the individual expression found in artworks.

In this conversation, Bianca Bosker discusses the importance of engaging with work as if it were another living being. She encourages people to slow down and not feel the need to see and like everything. Bianca also emphasizes the value of noticing and appreciating the beauty in everyday life. She explores the concept of glitches and how they can lead to new forms of art and beauty. Bianca concludes by highlighting the transformative power of art and how it can help us live a more rich and meaningful life.


  • Art is an essential part of human experience, dating back to ancient times and serving as a universal form of communication.
  • Artists have a unique perspective and ability to see and experience the world differently, allowing them to challenge our expectations and expand our understanding.
  • Engaging with art can help us develop our visual literacy and see beyond our preconceived notions, leading to a more nuanced and enriched experience of the world.
  • The art world is composed of various key players, including artists, gallerists, curators, and collectors, who shape our understanding and appreciation of art.
  • Each artist brings their own individual expression and style to their work, creating a diverse and vibrant art landscape.


00:00 Introduction and Alliterative Names

01:13 The Frustration with Art and Rediscovery

07:12 Artists’ Ability to See and Experience

09:57 Artists’ Unique Perspective and Linking Ideas

13:07 Art as a Glitch in Perception

20:04 Key Players in the Art World

25:29 Individual Expression in Art

29:28 Developing Relationships with Artworks

30:26 Engaging with Work as Another Living Being

33:06 The Importance of Slowing Down and Noticing

37:00 The Joy of Discovering New Perspectives

37:49 Expanding Our Perception of the World

43:56 The Celebration of Glitches and Unexpected Beauty

45:45 The Value and Misunderstanding of Beauty

53:13 Living Life Differently Through Art