427: Kyla Scanlon | Finances And Global Markets “In This Economy?”

In this conversation, Kyla Scanlon, author of the book “In This Economy?”, is joined by host Armen Shirvanian, and discusses the direction of society, the importance of understanding the economy, the impact of different generations on change, the role of AI, wealth inequality, financial wherewithal, the vibe economy, and the vulnerability of supply chains. She emphasizes the need to understand the economy as it affects every aspect of our lives and the importance of financial education.

Kyla also encourages individuals to pursue their passions while recognizing the value of talent and taking risks on themselves. She highlights the impact of consumer sentiment on the economy and the vulnerability of supply chains. The conversation explores various themes related to the economy, housing, private equity, labor market, and personal growth.

It discusses the wage price spiral, the impact of housing affordability on other areas of life, the role of private equity in buying up homes and businesses, the importance of community and taking action, and the process of writing a book. The main takeaway is the need for individuals to have a basic understanding of the economy and how it affects their daily lives.

Kyla Scanlon is an economic commentator and Bloomberg contributor who specializes in human-centric analysis that demystifies the complex. She started her career as a car salesperson before becoming an associate at Capital Group, conducting macroeconomic analysis and modeling investment strategies.

Get “In This Economy?” on Amazon here: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/737854/in-this-economy-by-kyla-scanlon/