428: Amorina Kingdon | The World Of Underwater Sound In “Sing Like Fish”

Amorina Kingdon, author of “Sing Like Fish”, joins us to discuss the impact of sound on underwater life, the differences in sound transmission in air and water, and the effects of man-made noise on marine organisms. She also explores the unique communication methods of dolphins and the challenges of studying the impact of noise on sea life.

The conversation delves into the impact of noise on marine life, the significance of sound in animal societies, and the efforts to mitigate noise pollution in the ocean. It also explores the interconnectedness of different species and the importance of understanding their relationships and ecosystems. The conversation highlights the need for detailed research on the effects of noise on non-mammal marine animals and the challenges of regulating shipping noise in ecologically sensitive areas.

Until 2021, Amorina was the staff writer for Hakai Magazine. Her work at Hakai has been anthologized in Best Canadian Essays 2020 (Biblioasis) and received honours including a Digital Publishing Award, a Jack Webster Award, and Best New Magazine Writer from the National Magazine Awards.

Previously, she was a science writer for the University of Victoria and the Science Media Center of Canada. You can read her fiction in PRISM Magazine, Flash Fiction Magazine, and forthcoming in Speculative North. She has a diploma in journalism from Concordia University and a bachelor’s degree in biology from Carleton University.

You can get “Sing Like Fish” here: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/704875/sing-like-fish-by-amorina-kingdon/