429: Camilla Nord | Exploring Neuroscience And Mental Health In “The Balanced Brain”

In this episode with host Armen Shirvanian, the show is joined by Professor Camilla Nord, who leads the Mental Health Neuroscience Lab at the University of Cambridge, and is the author of “The Balanced Brain”, published by Princeton University Press. They discuss various topics related to mental health, neuroscience, and the brain. Camilla shares her experience giving public talks and the discomfort that comes with speaking to non-experts.

They also explore the factors that contribute to depression and the need for a more nuanced understanding of mental health conditions. They discuss the importance of matching treatments to individuals and the challenges in differentiating between psychological and biological treatments. They also touch on the impact of screen time on the brain’s reward pathways and the role of predictive models in mental well-being.

In this conversation, neuroscientist Camilla Nord discusses various topics related to mental health and neuroscience. She talks about the importance of social experiments in understanding human behavior and growth. Nord also explores the concept of neuroplasticity and how the brain can change and adapt throughout adulthood. She shares personal experiences of how certain individuals and events have shaped her life.

The conversation touches on the topic of autism and the importance of embracing neurodiversity. Nord also discusses the use of antidepressants and the potential for combining biological and psychological treatments. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the elements of a mentally healthy lifestyle and the future of mental health research.

Camilla Nord leads the Mental Health Neuroscience Lab at the University of Cambridge. Her research has been featured in the New Statesman, the Daily Mail and the British Journal of Psychiatry, and on the BBC.