72: Jane Lawton Moore | Grayson Power Plant Expansion And Community Organizing

We are back in the place with episode 72 of the show, and on this one we also have a guest. Our guest is Jane, and there is a lot of material described on this episode, mostly about the proposed expansion of the Grayson power plant in Glendale. Included is discussion about:

  • why the Grayson power plant expansion plan in Glendale should be paused in search of alternatives
  • the impacts that expansion can have on local air quality
  • how a coalition formed to oppose the plan
  • local power plant information and history regarding costs and profits
  • getting involved in your local city council
  • some discussion on life and books in the category of child development

In relation to the Grayson power plant issue, you can either check out the website Jane had mentioned (stopgrayson.com), take part in the City Council meeting January 23rd at Glendale City Hall at 6 PM wearing a green shirt(if you are local), or check out the Facebook group. To more great material~

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