95: How The Super Bowl Causes Congregation, And Including People’s Work

We are in the February. This one, episode 95, is on socially-known events like the Super Bowl, and making use of them for social happenings. There are not that many things that a lot of people know about, especially as the amount of niches grows in size. In this episode, I discuss:

  • the way that big events causes group energy that is atypical
  • making use of things like the super bowl to congregate
  • why you should include the people you know in what you do
  • some examples of including others in my own stuff

Even if something doesn’t fit you exactly, you can match with the part of it that does fit with you. We don’t have to take in all the elements of something that doesn’t fit, in the same way that you don’t have to eat every food at a buffet. Adjust what you go with, and leave the rest for others to be. Also, inclusiveness is a nice gesture. Through the 90s we go~

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