96: Shout Out Sunday To The People, And Happenings As Of Late

Sometimes you want to update about what is occurring, and shout out the people who make things or do things you know about. This is a nice thing you can do regularly. The people around us are the people we can connect with. In this episode, I discuss:

  • Toby Emerson and his cool music I have used on my Youtube and here
  • Gary Kazazian music I used for intro, and his planned gig at The Mint
  • Kenny bringing NotSocks to the people who want socks but not socks
  • Gary Vee and his latest book Crushing It that is out in the public
  • Alex and his EDM music I used as an intro, and his music-making
  • Alicia from earlier episode bringing life to life, and also clothes/gems
  • Jane with the Grayson power plant expansion and good fitness

People are our world, and we have to shout them out as applicable. We can do more things if we reach out and try connecting in different ways.


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