168: On The Youth, Music Shows, Venues, And Books With Guest Mary

  • welcome back Mary to the show possibly the first triple guest
  • nope I checked and Gary was the first triple guest, but close
  • we discussed the upcoming youth generation of 15-25 year olds
  • as well included topics on music shows and venues in the area
  • museums were mentioned a bit as Mary is on holiday
  • we brought up a book and author Mary reads from
  • she is normally in Scotland but we recorded this in Los Angeles
  • glad to have her on the show~

167: Real Estate, LA Activity, 10X, And Scheduling With Guest Ira Silver

  • Ira back on the show from episode 16 to episode 167~
  • including discussion of real estate and development plans
  • we talked about the Bird and Lime scooters all over LA
  • there was a GaryVee event we didn’t go to in DTLA
  • the value of scheduling, even if you adjust your schedule
  • having a focus is something you are telling yourself
  • glad to have Ira on, and good energy

160: On Self-Awareness, Discernment, Modeling, And Youtubing With Guest Rebecca

  • glad to have model and writer Rebecca Faith Lawson on the program
  • we brought up issues about self-awareness and matching what you put out
  • our time on this planet is not to do things we don’t resonate with
  • she has done modeling, but not always in forms that brought her joy
  • might she start a Youtube channel where she vlogs and shares?
  • it is up to us to present a framework for others to understand us better
  • if you have impetus to do something, reach for it
  • also, we did a Youtube vlog walking around and talking to people (link)
  • shout outs to Rebecca on episode 160 of the show~

157: On Lightness And Darkness, Cognitive Associations, And Critical Thinking With Guest Christi

  • welcome guest Christi on episode 157 of the show~
  • the concepts of lightness and darkness, and their associations
  • many a people will associate dark with bad and light with good
  • included material on critical thinking, and how depth is worthwhile
  • many societal issues stem from topics that are not fleshed out by people
  • included a poem of Christi’s about the topic
  • discussed some places around the country that Christi has been to
  • glad to have her on the program

156: On The Yellow Life, English Heritage, And Stories With Guest Ella London

  • ray of sunshine yellow individual Ella London joins on episode 156~
  • she comes from the land of England, and always wears yellow
  • we discussed a variety of topics, including how the coloring started
  • linguistics and voice and beatboxing was brought up
  • it was a bit like an episode of the Craig Ferguson show(conversation)
  • my longest episode to date~
  • lot of fun, and glad to have Ella on the show

152: On E-Gaming, Fortnite, Streaming, And Basketball With Guest Titan

  • guest Titan joins as guest on episode 152 of the show
  • we talked about the activity currently happening in Fortnite gaming
  • Titan has a history of gaming, and I spoke about my past gaming history
  • most of his is on consoles, while most of mine has been on computers
  • discussed Twitch streaming and the popularity of some channels
  • included material about basketball tournaments Titan has taken part in
  • nice individual with a competitive flare
  • glad to have him on the show~

147: On The Camino De Santiago, Travels, And Writings With Guest Klaudia

  • guest Klaudia joins on episode 147 of The Armen Show, with two books
  • one of her books catalogs her happenings on a 40-day excursion called the Camino de Santiago, across hundreds of miles
  • it expresses how she discovered herself through the process
  • her other book is a children’s book with illustrations of her own
  • traveling is discussed in this episode, along with places Klaudia has been
  • getting out of one’s comfort zone is one of the key points of traveling
  • we bring up the Golden Cage concept, and may elaborate on it next time
  • glad to have her on the show~
  • feel free to check out her website and IG

141: On Performing At Shows And The Musical Space With Guest Gary

  • Gary of episode #3 fame returns to the show, having performed at venues
  • he continues to sing and song-write, and has added performing to the mix
  • we discuss his experiences playing music at places like The Mint and Trip
  • audience understanding and feel is reviewed
  • similar to the last episode with Rayna, we included a memorable life story
  • the intro/outro to this episode is from his song called “Gone Home”
  • eraser game from my youth was also detailed here

140: On Dancing, Quotes, LA Fashion Week, And Relationships With Guest Rayna

  • welcome dancer/modeler Rayna as guest on episode 140 of the show~
  • we discussed how she has done dancing for many years
  • involved information about certain quotes of note, and never forget that “not all peas are the same size”
  • the idea that┬áseeing how notable people interact with others, and who they have on their supporting crew, is very informative
  • birthdays and what makes them great
  • she had on self-made jewelry which stands out among the regular
  • went over a funny past relationship story and messages to take from it
  • Alex from Target and connection to firefighter story at library recently
  • check out her IG @raynarebrovic

135: On Painting, Expression, And Communication With Guest Artist Crystal Lyn

  • welcome Crystal to episode 135 of the show on painting and her works
  • Crystal has done over 70 separate pieces, with style thick squiggly clouds
  • many colors are used, but it is always on a white background
  • we discussed painting and arts like poetry and movies
  • Crystal brought up some great info about introversion and communication
  • great message for what a person wanting to express themselves should do came from Crystal around the 18th minute
  • find her paintings on Instagram at @iamcrystallyn

134: Popular Podcast Themes And Analysis, And Some News With Guest Mary

  • welcome back guest Mary on episode 134 of the show
  • representing for Scottish Ballet and the country of Scotland
  • we discussed podcast names and what they might be about
  • also looked at what they were about and if they seemed interesting
  • some mentioned were Invisibilia, Tangentially Speaking, and The Daily
  • mentioned the news about school walkouts and a new story in the UK today

130: On Speech Therapy, Literature, And A Reverse Interview With Guest Rachel

  • welcome guest Rachel on episode 130 of the show
  • we discussed speech therapy and the importance of the field
  • the presence of Xanga and temporally specific sites/services of past usage
  • went over some books of note because you know we always include books
  • brought up some of the background behind my content-making
  • intro/ending/transition music made by Alex from episode 48


119: On Scotland, Scenic Places, And Performing Arts With Guest Mary

  • Mary hails from the land known as Scotland, in the city of Glasgow
  • abilities in fashion and costume related to performing/ballet
  • mentioned scenic places to visit around Glasgow, and the local lakes
  • the folk music and festivities that happen in that region
  • books in the fiction category and their use as an escape
  • glad to have Mary on the show for the first time

105: On Book Club, Vase Face, And Personality With Guest Kaylia

  • Kaylia from YouTube channel Vase Face on the show
  • have been on her channel a couple times
  • discussed books, as well as the book club she is currently running
  • personality features like introverted feeling, and developing it
  • plans for 2018 on the YouTube, and in graduate school
  • glad to have her on the show

On Grayson Power Plant Expansion And Community Organizing With Guest Jane | TheArmenShow Episode 072

We are back in the place with episode 72 of the show, and on this one we also have a guest. Our guest is Jane, and there is a lot of material described on this episode, mostly about the proposed expansion of the Grayson power plant in Glendale. Included is discussion about:

  • why the Grayson power plant expansion plan in Glendale should be paused in search of alternatives
  • the impacts that expansion can have on local air quality
  • how a coalition formed to oppose the plan
  • local power plant information and history regarding costs and profits
  • getting involved in your local city council
  • some discussion on life and books in the category of child development

In relation to the Grayson power plant issue, you can either check out the website Jane had mentioned (stopgrayson.com), take part in the City Council meeting January 23rd at Glendale City Hall at 6 PM wearing a green shirt(if you are local), or check out the Facebook group. To more great material~

On Production Value In The Economy Of Automation With Guest Felipe | TheArmenShow Episode 071

We roll back in here with guest Felipe. He is the 14th guest on the show, and makes his way to episode 71. We talked about many topics on this episode, and it was a cool time in Koreatown. Discussed included:

  • the elements that bring value of production to an economy
  • how those elements can be manipulated by those running the system
  • the type of activism that Felipe leans toward
  • little interludes about blockchain and crypto I threw in
  • concepts about monetary bubbles and how they can be prepared for
  • 2018 goals that Felipe as well as I have

Great episode to have, and Felipe is a solid individual. This is another one of the longer ones, but maybe this will be the new length for episodes. There is no predictability to the show~. On we go.

On Meeting New People In 2018 And More With Guest Ramy | TheArmenShow Episode 063

On episode 63, 2 days into 2018, we have a guest~. Also, there is some light background static throughout the episode due to possibly a phone or electric interference so I thought I would mention that. Aside from that, the guest is Ramy, and the episode included:

  • socialization plans for 2018 involving strangers
  • surprise guests joining along for a bit
  • thoughts on how people should connect with one another
  • my goals for 2018

This episode was recorded in Pershing Square, not far from the ice skating rink. Glad to have Ramy on the show~

Life Messages And Closing Out 2017 With Guest Harout | TheArmenShow Episode 061

We have come to the end of 2017, and we do it in style. This episode includes guest Harout, and we go into some deep stuff. Included in the episode are:

  • happenings in 2017 related to family and personal
  • understanding about who cares about you and who doesn’t
  • some goals for us in 2018
  • a classic guest episode with the Root
  • some concepts to take away about life and relationships

Glad to have Harout on the show, and he is a great guest for the program. To wonderful things for The Armen Show in 2018~

On Gift Giving, TV Show Veep, And Live Room LA With Guest Kaspar | TheArmenShow Episode 058

We had him on before(episode 8, he’s part of the single-digit club), and we’re having him on again. It’s Kaspar, and he’s on episode 58 discussing:

  • how he feels about gift giving and the holiday season
  • his input on the TV sitcom Veep with actor Julia-Louis Dreyfus
  • upcoming project Live Room LA for musical output
  • a note of reflection about 2017

Glad to have Kaspar back on the show, and you know we keep it rolling here at The Armen Show. There is much to come as the year ends and the next one begins.

On Schooling And Life With Guests Mariam And David | TheArmenShow Episode 055

Sometimes on The Armen Show, we have guests, and that is the case here~ On this one, we have our first time having two guests, who are Mariam and David of my extended family. In this episode, we discuss:

  • schooling in the grade system
  • interests as far as social media
  • things that are fun to do
  • how cool it is to be on the episode am I right

Glad to have Mariam and David on the show.