58: Kaspar Kazazian | Gift Giving, TV Show Veep, And Live Room LA

We had him on before(episode 8, he’s part of the single-digit club), and we’re having him on again. It’s Kaspar, and he’s on episode 58 discussing:

  • how he feels about gift giving and the holiday season
  • his input on the TV sitcom Veep with actor Julia-Louis Dreyfus
  • upcoming project Live Room LA for musical output
  • a note of reflection about 2017

Glad to have Kaspar back on the show, and you know we keep it rolling here at The Armen Show. There is much to come as the year ends and the next one begins.

55: Mariam And David | Schooling And Life

Sometimes on The Armen Show, we have guests, and that is the case here~ On this one, we have our first time having two guests, who are Mariam and David of my extended family. In this episode, we discuss:

  • schooling in the grade system
  • interests as far as social media
  • things that are fun to do
  • how cool it is to be on the episode am I right

Glad to have Mariam and David on the show.

48: Alex Valdivia | Making And Listening To Electronic Music

Welcome to episode 48 of The Armen Show, and on this one we have guest Alex who makes music and is in the music/event scene. In fact, Alex made the jingle that starts and ends this episode! We discuss:

  • types of music that Alex likes
  • the hardware and software that Alex uses(and will be using) to make electronic dance music and similar
  • performers and events he likes to listen to and attend
  • the fact that we used two mics on this advanced episode

Glad to have Alex on this one. We used two Shure SM58 microphones to record, and also had headphones to hear input. Technology is all over the place on this one. Onward we go.

25: Josh Sussman | Acting, Socializing, Movies, And Food

Episode 25 of The Armen Show, being posted on November 25th(continuing the matching day trend of the past few days) includes a guest who is actor Josh Sussman. Josh is full of life and a warm nature. We went over many things, including:

  • acting he has done over many years since he was 9
  • how we met, and how socializing involving risk-taking can be great
  • movies Josh has enjoyed watching
  • foods of interest and that Josh has enjoyed eating
  • various banter between us as we relate

Shout outs to Josh for taking part~. As mentioned in the episode, here are links to Josh’s various social media:

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | IMDb

20: Alicia Bergman | Jewelry Making, Gemstones, And Salsa Dancing

We have come to episode 20 on The Armen Show podcast. On this episode, we welcome guest Alicia. The topics we discuss are:

  • making of jewelry that Alicia does
  • her interest in that activity, and inclusion of gems
  • ability to make jewelry that matches pieces
  • what draws her to salsa dancing
  • places to go salsa dancing in the local region

Glad to have Alicia up on this 20th episode~

18: Dilan Bandaranayake | Cars, Film, And Product Sales

Shout outs to Dilan’s recent birthday. He joins me on episode 18, where we discuss various items, including:

  • his interest in cars
  • his online group for Hot Wheels sales
  • talk on film and his background in film
  • product sales and what he has done business-wise
  • pointers about risk-taking and losses
  • a car show or event he has been fond of


Dilan’s Hot Wheels group on Facebook and Instagram

Automobile designer Frank Stephenson, mentioned in the episode

The movie The Big Short that I brought up

Sunset GT car event that happens once a month

16: Ira Silver | Real Estate And Sports Content

Guest Ira Silver is on this episode of The Armen Show, and what a fun episode it was to record. Ira has a warm energy. We discussed:

  • Ira on his real estate happenings
  • how he got into the business
  • his interest in fantasy sports
  • discussion of a possible sports podcast
  • a surprise closer

10: Kenny Sanders | Music Making And Entrepreneurship

On this 10th episode, our 5th guest Kenny Sanders discusses a variety of things including:

  • his band Sonder Saloon that he is in with our previous guests
  • what kind of music he is into
  • music making and how he fits into it
  • entrepreneurship and why he does it

Great to have Kenny on TAS~

8: Kaspar Kazazian | Spine And Guitar

Episode 8 of The Armen Show includes guest Kaspar discussing Spine and guitar playing~

  • why he uses Spine for animation
  • what drew him to animation
  • learning through tutorials
  • Kaspar’s music-making ability with guitar
  • previous band experience
  • his mutual interest in art with his companion

Shout outs to Kaspar being the 4th guest on the show, and to continued connectivity from The Armen Show–

7: David | Basketball And Activity

Episode 7 is pretty exciting because I have a fellow Shirvanian on the scene. David the 13 year old joins me on this one. We discuss:

  • basketball and sports
  • activity as a youth
  • what it is like to be in a connected social world
  • 13 year old life currently

Shout outs to David for taking part~

6: John De Froscia | History And Travel

Episode 6 brings in my second guest of this show, which is Johnny. I checked with Johnny about his interests in travel and history.


  • travel and countries Johnny has been to
  • countries Johnny would want to go to, and why he likes traveling
  • what draws Johnny to history
  • historical events that Johnny recalled
  • some messages about history and its value to understanding
  • a little Spanish by Johnny

Thanks for Johnny in joining in episode 6 of The Armen Show as a guest participant~

3: Gary Kazazian | Music Making

In this episode of The Armen Show, I discuss with Gary Kazazian about his music making, as he has been up to a lot of content creation with his upcoming album called “On a Bed at 4 AM”.

I ask him questions about

  • the music making process
  • instrumentation including guitars and piano
  • how many songs he puts on albums and why
  • his experience performing live

Glad to have musical performer guest Gary on episode 3, and you may hear from more guests in the future.