On Production Value In The Economy Of Automation With Guest Felipe | TheArmenShow Episode 071

We roll back in here with guest Felipe. He is the 14th guest on the show, and makes his way to episode 71. We talked about many topics on this episode, and it was a cool time in Koreatown. Discussed included:

  • the elements that bring value of production to an economy
  • how those elements can be manipulated by those running the system
  • the type of activism that Felipe leans toward
  • little interludes about blockchain and crypto I threw in
  • concepts about monetary bubbles and how they can be prepared for
  • 2018 goals that Felipe as well as I have

Great episode to have, and Felipe is a solid individual. This is another one of the longer ones, but maybe this will be the new length for episodes. There is no predictability to the show~. On we go.

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