Responding To Top Posts On The ENTP Subreddit | TheArmenShow Episode 021

In this episode, I chose to respond to a few choice posts on the ENTP subreddit on Reddit. ENTP is a grouping of a certain personality type that I am most similar to of that personality type system. (Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving)

Here I discussed:

  • whether my type does breathing
  • thoughts on ego and its relation to self-esteem
  • our introverted nature even though we are extroverts
  • how we process and are suited for sarcasm

Glad to have you here.

On Jewelry Making, Gemstones, And Salsa Dancing With Guest Alicia | TheArmenShow Episode 020

We have come to episode 20 on The Armen Show podcast. On this episode, we welcome guest Alicia. The topics we discuss are:

  • making of jewelry that Alicia does
  • her interest in that activity, and inclusion of gems
  • ability to make jewelry that matches pieces
  • what draws her to salsa dancing
  • places to go salsa dancing in the local region

Glad to have Alicia up on this 20th episode~

Chapters 5 Through 8 Of Behave By Robert Sapolsky | TheArmenShow Episode 019

Having continued reading from this great book, I have learned a lot about human behavior. It was recently voted one of the top 10 books of 2017 by The Washington Post. I have been taking notes on it as usual.

Covered in this episode:

  • some aspects of how learning occurs
  • adolescence and the lack of frontal cortex development
  • why Youtubers make videos a certain way for their teenage audience
  • the impact of mothers on growth patterns and self-esteem
  • testosterone impacts on gender differences

Thanks for checking out The Armen Show podcast.

On Cars, Film, And Product Sales With Guest Dilan | TheArmenShow Episode 018

Shout outs to Dilan’s recent birthday. He joins me on episode 18, where we discuss various items, including:

  • his interest in cars
  • his online group for Hot Wheels sales
  • talk on film and his background in film
  • product sales and what he has done business-wise
  • pointers about risk-taking and losses
  • a car show or event he has been fond of


Dilan’s Hot Wheels group on Facebook and Instagram

Automobile designer Frank Stephenson, mentioned in the episode

The movie The Big Short that I brought up

Sunset GT car event that happens once a month

Discussing Some People From My Instagram | TheArmenShow Episode 017

  • Discussed various Instagrammers I know of
  • Cristel(criztle) of Frog Creek Farms
  • Vince(vince_jacobs) with music and theater
  • Dilan(dilancer) with car knowledge and film interests
  • Natalie(nataliebiehl_) who does artwork and models
  • Kenny(kennysandersbmx) who was on previous episode
  • Ed(edhumek) who represents for Britain
  • Yelena(yelena715) who is a chef I met after the Grammy’s

The interview with Andrew(LAHWF) I mentioned during this episode:

On Real Estate And Sports Content With Guest Ira | TheArmenShow Episode 016

Guest Ira Silver is on this episode of The Armen Show, and what a fun episode it was to record. Ira has a warm energy. We discussed:

  • Ira on his real estate happenings
  • how he got into the business
  • his interest in fantasy sports
  • discussion of a possible sports podcast
  • a surprise closer

My Article And Quote Analysis Ebooks From 2010 | TheArmenShow Episode 015

  • Quote Analysis: Volume 1 and some quotes in it
  • Timeless Information: Volume 1 and an overview of its articles
  • banter about the podcast and people’s feedback
  • informing about my latest Youtube video editing
  • preview of upcoming book content

Timeless Information: Volume 1 Ebook

Quote Analysis: Volume 1 Ebook

Author Interview with Dr. Arlindo Oliveira, author of The Digital Mind

Halloween Carnaval 2017, Socializing At Events, And Book Talk | TheArmenShow Episode 014

  • West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2017
  • Meeting people across the event
  • Events and matching the people in them
  • Books fiction and nonfiction
  • 48 Laws of Power

Putting Out Content Connects You With Your People | TheArmenShow Episode 013

Hey all. In this episode, I discuss the reasoning behind making content that suits you.

  • You get to connect with people who understand you
  • Your material will show you what you are able to put out
  • Inclinations will surface more over time
  • People can reach out to you based on your material

Thanks for checking The Armen Show, and keep it moving in your own happenings.

Chapters 1 Through 4 Of Behave By Robert Sapolsky | TheArmenShow Episode 012

Robert Sapolsky, Stanford professor of biology and neurology, has written the great book “Behave” about what causes human behavior, from the most recent moments, to far back in time. I am enjoying this book thus far

In this episode is information from chapters 1 through 4 of the book, including:

  • regions of the brain and their purposes
  • triggers of behavior, and subtle cuing
  • impacts of hormones on behavior, including testosterone and oxytocin
  • stress and its impacts on learning and fear

Hope you enjoy the material in some form as I do~

Chapters 5 Through 8 Of Scale By Geoffrey West | TheArmenShow Episode 011

Hey all – I’m back with more from the book I have been reading and am almost done with.

In this discussion of content from chapters 5 through 8, I discuss:

  • scaling of organisms in relation to cities
  • how cities provide economy of scale
  • how the sun relates to energy requirements
  • how a larger city affects the people inside it
  • levels of social connections

If you like statistical information and an understanding of complex adaptive systems, the content in Scale would interest you. As well, reading anything that might interest you is a great idea. Onward we go~

On Music Making And Entrepreneurship With Guest Kenny | TheArmenShow Episode 010

On this 10th episode, our 5th guest Kenny Sanders discusses a variety of things including:

  • his band Sonder Saloon that he is in with our previous guests
  • what kind of music he is into
  • music making and how he fits into it
  • entrepreneurship and why he does it

Great to have Kenny on TAS~

Chapters 3 And 4 Of Scale By Geoffrey West | TheArmenShow Episode 009

In episode 9 of The Armen Show, I discuss chapters 3 and 4 of Scale by Geoffrey West.

Included in this discussion are:

  • discussion about the power scaling laws
  • metabolic rate as related to mass
  • AC and DC current and how they are similar to the cardiovascular system
  • elements about growth, aging, and mortality

This book has continued to be great, and I look forward to interviewing Dr. West after it is complete.

Spine And Guitar With Guest Kaspar | TheArmenShow Episode 008

Episode 8 of The Armen Show includes guest Kaspar discussing Spine and guitar playing~

  • why he uses Spine for animation
  • what drew him to animation
  • learning through tutorials
  • Kaspar’s music-making ability with guitar
  • previous band experience
  • his mutual interest in art with his companion

Shout outs to Kaspar being the 4th guest on the show, and to continued connectivity from The Armen Show–

Basketball And Activity With Guest David | TheArmenShow Episode 007

Episode 7 is pretty exciting because I have a fellow Shirvanian on the scene. David the 13 year old joins me on this one. We discuss:

  • basketball and sports
  • activity as a youth
  • what it is like to be in a connected social world
  • 13 year old life currently

Shout outs to David for taking part~

On History And Travel With Guest Johnny | TheArmenShow Episode 006

Episode 6 brings in my second guest of this show, which is Johnny. I checked with Johnny about his interests in travel and history.


  • travel and countries Johnny has been to
  • countries Johnny would want to go to, and why he likes traveling
  • what draws Johnny to history
  • historical events that Johnny recalled
  • some messages about history and its value to understanding
  • a little Spanish by Johnny

Thanks for Johnny in joining in episode 6 of The Armen Show as a guest participant~

Chester Carpool Karaoke, Vlog Post, Social Media | TheArmenShow Episode 005

Hey all episode 5 in the building. I re-did this episode when the audio wasn’t so good, so it is better for you. If you have any specific interests in mind to discuss let me know.

  • Chester Bennington’s Carpool Karaoke and his musical inspiration
  • The Armen Show Youtube channel vlog post
  • Social media makers and their efforts
  • Talk about my audio being redone

World Cup, US Soccer, And Updates | TheArmenShow Episode 004

Hey folks. In episode 4 of The Armen Show, I go over:

  • The US Soccer team not going to The World Cup
  • Soccer as a sport and my past playing
  • Updates about the podcast and what I use to record it
  • Comments on documentation of your life as it goes along

The show is an ongoing production of me, and occasionally, guests. I hope you are enjoying it, and may it continue to have new material across the way.

Music Making With Guest Gary Kazazian | TheArmenShow Episode 003

In this episode of The Armen Show, I discuss with Gary Kazazian about his music making, as he has been up to a lot of content creation with his upcoming album called “On a Bed at 4 AM”.

I ask him questions about

  • the music making process
  • instrumentation including guitars and piano
  • how many songs he puts on albums and why
  • his experience performing live

Glad to have musical performer guest Gary on episode 3, and you may hear from more guests in the future.

Chapters 1 And 2 Of Geoffrey West’s Book “Scale” | TheArmenShow Episode 002

In this second episode of The Armen Show, I discuss some tangential points, as usual, and then discuss concepts from the first two chapters of Geoffrey West’s book Scale.

  • linear scaling as compared with superlinear and sublinear
  • heartbeats in a lifetime for animals
  • how cities are similar to organisms in their growth

With this being episode 2, we have now doubled the number of episodes of The Armen Show.