4: World Cup, US Soccer, And Updates

Hey folks. In episode 4 of The Armen Show, I go over:

  • The US Soccer team not going to The World Cup
  • Soccer as a sport and my past playing
  • Updates about the podcast and what I use to record it
  • Comments on documentation of your life as it goes along

The show is an ongoing production of me, and occasionally, guests. I hope you are enjoying it, and may it continue to have new material across the way.

3: Gary Kazazian | Music Making

In this episode of The Armen Show, I discuss with Gary Kazazian about his music making, as he has been up to a lot of content creation with his upcoming album called “On a Bed at 4 AM”.

I ask him questions about

  • the music making process
  • instrumentation including guitars and piano
  • how many songs he puts on albums and why
  • his experience performing live

Glad to have musical performer guest Gary on episode 3, and you may hear from more guests in the future.

2: Chapters 1 And 2 Of Geoffrey West’s Book “Scale”

In this second episode of The Armen Show, I discuss some tangential points, as usual, and then discuss concepts from the first two chapters of Geoffrey West’s book Scale.

  • linear scaling as compared with superlinear and sublinear
  • heartbeats in a lifetime for animals
  • how cities are similar to organisms in their growth

With this being episode 2, we have now doubled the number of episodes of The Armen Show.

1: Intro | The Armen Show

  • Episode 1 of The Armen Show podcast in the building
  • I had “That Guy Named Armen” as my previous podcast, but this is a new iteration
  • I didn’t backup the files for the last one so I think they’re gone
  • This show is separate from The Armen Show vlog on Youtube of the same name, but it is the same theme
  • Through my words maybe you can understand my story and interests
  • Guests will be on the show like on “That Guy Named Armen” podcast
  • I interview science authors on my blog as well
  • If you have questions let me know
  • I like science, neuroscience mostly, cognitive, and biology and related fields like economics and systems theory or things of such nature that represent the universe
  • Enjoy the episode and future ones