Popular Podcasts, Sticking To Strengths, And A Decade Of Socializing | TheArmenShow Episode 088

Double 8’s in the building. I mentioned staying humble in this episode, as it was mentioned that bragging is not a thing to do often in The Elephant In The Brain. This one was mostly about podcasts that are out there, and in this episode, I discuss:

  • some of the top and popular personal podcasts
  • how the people running them use their abilities/strengths
  • why I and others should stick to the strengths that we have
  • how socializing has been a part of my life for some time now

Shout outs to Live Room LA that I mentioned in this episode. A lot of realizations happen before the episodes, but some linkages are made during episodes, and what I present is a network of thoughts. Socializing can lead you to a network of people that looks like my network of thoughts.

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