214: Paty Ramirez | Life Coaching With Care, Meditation, And Broad Perspective

Caring is something we look to see more of. In episode 214, transformational life coach and creator of Self Love Mafia Paty Ramirez joins to discuss what got her into coaching, how she has applied her abilities, the importance of meditation, and more.

Having some of these life skills is the differentiating point between a person who is trapped in a condition and a person who is at peace with the world. Meditating can clear the path to that inner peace.

Show notes:

  • where Paty has been at recent times in her life
  • what caused Paty to get into life coaching in the first place
  • how the best teachers are the ones who have gone through the process for themselves
  • how some of her clients have been impacted by her working with them
  • what Paty brings to life coaching that separates her from others
  • how you can do meditation in different ways, and what it provides
  • what broad perspective can do to someone stuck in a labyrinth of their own making
  • and more

This episode was recorded at Pan Pacific Park in West Hollywood. I was glad to have Paty on the show, and originally met her through Heidi Paquette-Falk. You can also check out Paty’s @selflovemafia on Instagram.