234: Dean Hallett | Starting Hallett Leadership After Impacting Organization And Culture At Fox And Disney

Episode 234 gets into the swing of things with guest Dean Hallett, Founder & CEO of Hallett Leadership. During his 17-year tenure at Fox Studios, where he served as CFO, Dean developed a unique and highly effective 9-month leadership training program for early and mid-career managers. The program’s success at breaking down silos across Fox, and fostering a culture of collaboration, led to Dean’s promotion to Senior Executive VP of Operations & Management. Today, the program Dean pioneered at Fox is called the Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP), which “develops tomorrow’s leaders today.”

Decades of experience in a space is something that gives refinement we highly desire when we are looking for a person of quality. Dean has some baseline rules for leadership, as well as understanding of how to facilitate levels of leadership underneath him.

I spoke with Dean about a variety of topics related to leadership, his experience at Fox and Disney, personality traits that matter in organizational leadership, and more.

Show notes:

  • how Dean deviated from his earlier public accounting track to his positions as CFO of large corporations
  • why being somewhat introverted can bring value to an organization, and how introverts sometimes have the most to offer
  • what some examples of Dean providing leadership consisted of
  • how the reward structure of a corporation affects what people target their efforts toward, and how shifting this reward structure is important for improved culture
  • what some of the qualities are that Dean looks for in people working around and under him, to have a highly-effective organization
  • why letting people work their own way and be creative leads to positive and potentially surprisingly positive results
  • how Dean feels about feeling comfort in life, versus expanding one’s zone
  • what books have been read by Dean for understanding, including Collaboration Begins With You by Ken Blanchard, and The Tao to High-Performance Leadership by Jack Zwissig
  • why storytelling has a compelling force to it
  • how being fearful of training and developing your people sends them away, as opposed to the alternative

It was a pleasure to speak with Dean during this episode, and hear some other stories about his life experiences. He is a full person, as I would describe it, and is on the way in his new path. I always connect more with individuals building their own name and entities. You can check out his coaching material at Hallett Leadership.

223: Brian Dy | Physical Therapist With Vision To Tackle Widespread Loneliness

Physical therapy and home health is one thing, but empowering others mentally by countering their loneliness is another thing. My friend since high school Brian joins on episode 223 of the show to discuss his interest in putting out content, speaking, empowering people, and battling widespread loneliness.

Brian Dy (PT, DPT, CKTP, CSCS) is a Doctor of Physical Therapy practicing in Seattle, Washington, and he works with patients on their physical ailments. He has recently had an interest in a light transition to forms of speaking and writing in the personal development space. This is a space I have resided in for some time, and so it only makes sense for him to join on the show.

Show notes:

  • what Brian has been doing in recent years, and what he seeks to do for others
  • how listening is important, and what makes him a good listener
  • what the loneliness epidemic is doing, and why it is a category worth responding to
  • where Brian has been posting articles, and where he may spread his content in the future
  • how I have known Brian, and things I like about his personality
  • what a breakup can do to a person, and where it might leave them for months or even years
  • how loneliness pervades our society, and how it leads to damage beyond the momentary pain
  • and more

Glad to have Brian on the show. He says things more directly than most, and this is an appreciated feature. Check out his recent articles at Living Your Life. Look out for more~. Onward we go.

214: Paty Ramirez | Life Coaching With Care, Meditation, And Broad Perspective

Caring is something we look to see more of. In episode 214, transformational life coach Paty Ramirez joins to discuss what got her into coaching, how she has applied her abilities, the importance of meditation, and more.

Having some of these life skills is the differentiating point between a person who is trapped in a condition and a person who is at peace with the world. Meditating can clear the path to that inner peace.

Show notes:

  • where Paty has been at recent times in her life
  • what caused Paty to get into life coaching in the first place
  • how the best teachers are the ones who have gone through the process for themselves
  • how some of her clients have been impacted by her working with them
  • what Paty brings to life coaching that separates her from others
  • how you can do meditation in different ways, and what it provides
  • what broad perspective can do to someone stuck in a labyrinth of their own making
  • and more

This episode was recorded at Pan Pacific Park in West Hollywood. I was glad to have Paty on the show, and originally met her through Heidi Paquette-Falk. You can also check out Paty’s @selflovemafia on Instagram.