305: Annie Murphy Paul | Ways To Enhance Our Thinking In “The Extended Mind”

Author and science writer Annie Murphy Paul joins on episode 305 of the show to discuss her latest book The Extended Mind: The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain. Her book is about tapping into the intelligence that exists outside of the brain, and using the environment and world around us to propel our thinking.

This is a category that has always been important to me because activities and understanding that propels thinking into more creative realms is essential in the making of great material. If we don’t use all tools at our disposal, we are limiting the amount of material we can put out there, which will then inspire other material.

“Annie Murphy Paul is an acclaimed science writer whose work has appeared in the New York TimesScientific American, and The Best American Science Writing, among many other publications. She is the author of OriginsThe Cult of Personality, and now The Extended Mind.”

You can check out Annie’s website or her latest book on Amazon.

276: Feeling, The Truth Behind Leaked Emails, And Keeping Your Mind Growing

Welcome to another edition of The Armen Show. On #276, it is a stream of consciousness, as I take you through thoughts.

Show notes:

  • how feeling is to be let through
  • why feeling is a representation of truth that thoughts are not able to be, in the same way
  • how a post about leaked e-mails made me think about truth
  • what leaked e-mails can showcase beyond the straightforward wheeling and dealing
  • how truth is found in edge cases and battles
  • why it is important to keep pushing your mind
  • novelty in its relation to mind growth

Glad to have you all along on this journey.

206: Alan Jasanoff | The Connection Between Brain And Body, And More From “The Biological Mind”

The connection between the brain, body, and mind is the connection between the subunits of our living world. Professor Alan Jasanoff, director of the Center for Neurobiological Engineering at MIT, explored this topic in his book The Biological Mind.

Professor Jasanoff obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemical Sciences at Harvard College. After completing his Masters in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, UK, he returned to Harvard University to commit to his PhD studies in Biophysics. Jasanoff joined the faculty of the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT in 2004.

In my episode with Professor Jasanoff, we discussed:

  • his career and the steps that led him to where he is
  • the philosophy of neuroscience, and the reductionist mindset
  • the use of fMRI for brain imaging and understanding of the pathways
  • some of the analogs between a brain and a computer
  • how the external world is linked to the internal
  • ways that imaging has changed in the field in recent years
  • how parts of the brain are activated by emotions, but are not the only regions involved in such activity
  • the way that emotions light up sensations throughout the body
  • how the processes performed by the brain are connected to stimuli
  • scientists keeping track of the current research in their industry

Glad to have Professor Jasanoff on the show. You can check out his faculty page, look at his PubMed Publications list, or check out The Biological Mind on Amazon.