279: Kat Fairaway | Actress And Producer Branching Out Through Depth And Collaboration

Welcome actress and producer Kat Fairaway to episode 279 of the show. Depth is something that Kat represents, and depth is something that I find to be valuable. We can see moments as fleeting elements, or explore them further, such that time allows us to understand more.

Kat is known for her work in productions such as Psycho Escort, Kidnapped by a Classmate and Letters from the Heart. Representing characters in filmography is the heart of Los Angeles, and Kat occupies this great county (as I do). We covered quite a bit about her background, thoughts, and had a bit of fun as well.

Show notes:

  • Kat’s background, and representing parts of Europe
  • some of her work in movie/content roles she has been in, whether on Lifetime, Amazon, or elsewhere
  • being at peace through mindset or meditation
  • fun with accents, and some swell singing (I also rapped)
  • a Gary Vaynerchuk message about blocking out unsupportive voices
  • how one can choose their attitude in response to circumstances
  • how those who have suffered and not ran away are appealing
  • picking apart life through doubt, or a different way
  • and a message for all

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