208: Erika Stowe-Madison | Nutrition, Vulnerability, Stories, And Perspectives

Nutrition and health are two cornerstones of a good existence. Episode 208 of the show comes with guest Erika Stowe-Madison, who I have known for many years. Erika is a grad student in a Nutrition Masters program in Seattle, Washington.

We discussed many topics, including:

  • nutrition and the items that Erika is working on, including a community assessment project
  • some of the background behind how we know each other
  • vulnerability and the power of releasing your emotion or affected self out into the world, as similarly described by Brene Brown
  • stories from my recent happenings, as well as some local stories of note
  • snowmaggedon in Seattle, and snowboarding which was done by us
  • what it takes to reach the point where you are on the border of improving or upgrading your abilities

Glad to have Erika on the show, and let’s continue to more great material