322: Matthew Stewart | The Dynamics In Play For “The 9.9 Percent”

What can we think about with regards to the upper end of the economic spectrum in the United States, other than the top 0.1%? The next 9.9 percent fit into a specific category of relevance in this country, competing in a different form than the other brackets, and their scenario comes with its own qualms. In episode 322 of The Armen Show, author and philosopher Matthew Stewart joins us in discussing concepts from his latest book The 9.9 Percent: The New Aristocracy That Is Entrenching Inequality and Warping Our Culture.

Matthew Stewart is an American philosopher and author currently living in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He is the author of Nature’s GodThe Management MythThe Courtier and the HereticMonturiol’s Dream, and The Truth About Everything.

He graduated from Princeton University in 1985 with a concentration in political philosophy and was awarded the Sachs Scholarship from Princeton for study at Oxford University, where he earned a D.Phil. in philosophy in 1988. He worked as a management consultant prior to writing full-time.

Glad to have Matthew on the show. You can check out The 9.9 Percent on Amazon.