The Elephant In The Brain – Chapters 1 Through 4 | TheArmenShow Episode 087

You know books will be read, and I will happen to be one of the people who reads them. The Elephant In The Brain is the current one, and it is by Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson. It is mostly about hidden motives people have and act on. This episode is a summary of chapters 1 through 4, including:

  • how altruism has a competitive side to it
  • types of competition that exist between animals
  • how signals are used to identify quality of person or mate
  • elements of cheating and ways people do it discreetly

The book reads pretty easily, and has examples from animals and the past. The actual nature of society is represented in it. This is my first book of 2018 I will be reading in full, with a follow-up interview. It was put out very recently(few weeks ago), and I like when books are relatively new. Onward we go to more reading and content.

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