The Elephant In The Brain – Chapters 13 To 17 | TheArmenShow Episode 093

This one is the closer as far as the chapters of the latest book I have been reading, which is The Elephant In The Brain. It was a cool book, and informed a lot about why people do much of what they do, and how we can learn about ourselves through that. In this episode, on the first of the month of February, I discuss:

  • how the educational system is about signaling and certification
  • the ways that medicine is about conspicuous caring more than healing
  • the details of religion that make it about loyalty and group effort
  • politics and the way it brings people into certain categories

We can do a lot once we realize the hidden motives we have, the ones others don’t share, and the ones that are built into institutions. We can adjust how we present ourselves, and design things so they are aligned with people’s actual motives. Glad to have you check out the content on this book, and keep a look-out for that interview article in February.

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