235: Kai Boyer | Master Trainer And Fitness Coach Specializing In Women’s Physique

Episode 235 comes into the forefront with master trainer and fitness coach Kai Boyer. Her coaching style comes with a great sense of the physiology behind movements. She has solutions for how workouts should be adjusted, in order to make up for gaps in muscular fitness building.

Kai provides a lot of services through her coaching, including a weight loss program, strength training, high performance sports training, interval training, post-surgical rehabilitation, and mean plan building. The main philosophy of her training is the concept of Kaizen, which is about little improvements over time.

I like that concept because we can deconstruct most things in life into little battles to work through, and then the large thing is no longer large. It’s like one of those physics activation energy graphs having a lower required activation energy for the goal you want. Kai uses it for fitness (and her name is in the word Kaizen), but it is able to be applied to various life hurdles.

Show notes:

  • how Kai got into the fitness category in the first place
  • the way that Kai built her current client base, and the types of individuals she has worked with in recent times
  • why nutrition is so important to fitness, even though it doesn’t fit the intuitive thought that the workout is the main component
  • what Kai eats during a normal week, and what a person would want to include in their diet to be able to build fitness
  • what workouts to add in to example workout programs to fill in gaps that may exist
  • how most people don’t like to stretch, and what that can lead to
  • where certain sports players usually get injured
  • how many days of strength and workout training one should have as part of a healthy week
  • whether a person should be more focused on calorie reduction or workout increases, based on their current plan

Having Kai on the show was neat, and she is a straightforward individual. You can check out her site and what she brings to the table at Kai Boyer Fitness.