237: Bob Varo | Belgian Music Producer With Sights on Los Angeles

Here we are on episode 237 with music producer Bob Varo. He originates out of the European nation of Belgium, and makes music of the rock or metal variation, or it may be alternative.

We talked about a lot of his musical experiences, what he aims to do in music production in the future, and how his experience has been coming to Los Angeles a few times from Belgium.

Show notes:

  • the country of Belgium that Bob originates from, and places he has been in or around there
  • what some of the differences are between his experiences in the music production field in Belgium versus Los Angeles
  • where Bob has performed or done musical work over the years
  • how Bob looks to add value to artists he works with, whether it be songwriting, recording, or mixing/mastering
  • why it is important to flow with the current methods of sound and music generation, with more technological possibilities
  • challenges that can come up when working with a certain artist
  • how I met Bob at a house party in the first place
  • some bands that Bob has known of, or identifies with, or would be glad to work with if given the opportunity
  • why taking classes can create a small-world scenario that leads to memories for your select grouping
  • one of Bob’s studio/travel experiences through parts of northern Europe
  • the difference between those who release music as albums versus “big-hit” singles one after another

Glad to have Bob on the show.