255: Michael Wilt | Discussing Education And Society With A Mathematician And Professor

When it comes to applied mathematics, guest Michael Wilt is both a teacher and interested in its usage. He professes math to the youth, and joins us on episode 255 of the show, discussing his career, people-based elements of society, and more.

Michael got his Masters in Applied Math at California State University of Los Angeles, and has taught various levels of math to high school students, high-risk students, middle school students, and community college students. He also has his own product line of merchandise called “Unicorns and Stuff”.

Show notes:

  • how Michael progressed through the development of his career
  • the kind of teaching that Michael does, and what he hopes to impart on his students
  • development of a curriculum, and how that is the key element of education, with a blueprint for the students
  • the feel around the pandemic before it was a situated item here in Los Angeles, and discussion about the numbers behind it
  • why it is good to understand exponential growth and other graph-based concepts
  • the difference between small and big picture view
  • how Los Angeles and San Francisco differ in status-related mindset
  • energy transfer between people to others who they interact with
  • how people view people in terms of pretty or smart
  • a great singing rendition from Michael, along with an attempt on my end, as well as rapping on both of our parts
  • where Michael is working now, and how it is going with students who are labeled as Twice Exceptional
  • working with students who have ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • comments on rolled-up sleeves and sense of fashion
  • a bit of reverse interview from Michael to me
  • a mug-plug by Michael about his mug and merchandise brand

This episode was recorded earlier in the month, prior to mass spreading of COVID-19. You can check out Michael’s merchandise at Unicorns and Stuff. Glad to have him on~.