263: Shane O’Mara | Walking, Its Benefits, And The Mind Connection, From “In Praise Of Walking”

There are few things more valuable than regular walking and activity in this pandemical time of 2020, and neuroscientist Professor Shane O’Mara brings us the value and basis of walking in episode 263. We discuss his latest book In Praise Of Walking: The New Science of how We Walk, and why Its Good for Us.

Professor O’Mara is Professor of Experimental Brain Research at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. He explores brain systems, memory, cognition, behavior, and organizations. He got his DPhil from the University of Oxford, and currently does work for the Institute of Neuroscience at Trinity. He has also written past books Why Torture Doesn’t Work, and A Brain for Business.

Show notes:

  • how Professor O’Mara got into the field of brain research
  • brain regions, and specifically the subiculum, and how each one can be relevant to the brain as a whole
  • the value of walking, and what it brings to the table for personal health
  • the way that we are walking minds, with the body connected below the brain heading the whole framework
  • impact on creativity that comes from walking times, whether during or after
  • some cities that have good walkability, and what walking value means for cities and their further development
  • our mental map of where we are and where we are going, through the activity of walking, or even for planning out our life
  • the value of journaling, and how it can put our time together into a map
  • how walking doesn’t lead to the same kinds of damage that regular running does
  • some researchers Professor O’Mara has liked, included Dr. Robert Sapolsky

Glad to have Shane on the show – you can check out his material on his website, his article in The Guardian, or his latest book on Amazon.