271: Cory J. Clark | Covering Free Will, Bias, And Punishment Through Moral And Political Psychology

Welcome moral and political psychologist Dr. Cory J. Clark to episode 271 of the show~. She has done research in the categories of moral judgment, punishment, free will, political bias, and motivated cognition. Looking at how bias applies in daily discourse or decision-making helps to clear out poor decisions that would have to be corrected at some future instance.

Dr. Clark got her Ph. D. from the University of California, Irvine, in Social and Personality Pyschology and Quantitative Methods, following a B.A. in psychology and philosophy. Some research papers she has contributed to include material on tribalism in different moments of societal condition, political differences in free will belief, and how bias pervades both sides of political landscapes.

Show notes:

  • how Dr. Clark got into the category of social and personality psychology and quantitative methods at UCI
  • the way that serendipity and the flow of life can lead us to the next step
  • connection between punishment and belief of free will, and how that connection affects how people are viewed
  • how to study individuals seeking out information that supports their beliefs
  • the better-than-average effect of self-thought in the category of self-serving biases
  • people bringing out certain sides of personality on social networks, and the mob effect that can apply
  • the short-term internet response to long-term careers
  • free will as it applies to the fixed nature of a specific moment in time and the moment that follows it
  • humans evolving to a point of looking back upon their own thinking in hefty detail
  • punishment and the moral judgment associated with it as related to a recent death penalty action
  • the collective nature of people’s actions, as with the internet
  • a message about perspective to take into account when seeing two-sided issues, which are very common in public discourse

I was glad to have Dr. Clark on the show. Feel free to check out her website, which has all her material well organized, including her research that is easily readable, and her content across other shows.