280: Dan Cable | Unlocking Your Potential And Building Life Highlight Reels With “Exceptional”

Welcome London Business School Professor Dan Cable to episode 280 of the show. He has come out with a new book titled Exceptional: Build Your Personal Highlight Reel and Unlock Your Potential. Building your highlights into a listing of strengths can give you motivation to use moving forward.

He is Professor of Organizational Behavior and received his Masters and PhD in Labor and Industrial Relations at Cornell University. He gives us guidelines for how to envision our life, focus on what we bring to the table, and grow as a person. He has given a TEDx Talk on how to have a Best-Self Activation, and wrote a previous book in 2018 called Alive at Work.

Show notes:

  • Professor Cable’s background, and how he got into the field he is currently in
  • focusing on what we do correctly or well in life
  • looking at what limits us, whether clearly or in a hidden form
  • what it means to create your personal highlight reel
  • imagining your own eulogy, and seeing what that says about your life
  • crafting a life that you want to live, instead of one that is offered to you without specificity to your taste
  • messages for life