285: Robby Gordon | Post-Modern Artist Behind The Hollywood Gallery And Sculpture Garden

Glad to have you all on here for episode 285 – this one is a treat because it includes visuals of the paintings, sculptures, clothing, and crystals created and procured by Dr. Robby Gordon, who has created the Hollywood Gallery and Sculpture Garden. These entities are packed with artistic works of his own, along with those of many others who he knows of.

Dr. Robby Gordon studied art at the University of California Irvine, Irvine Valley College, and Golden West. He also studied at the University of Bologna and UCLA. He spent his first 21 years in Israel, subsequently moving to Europe, where he studied and became increasingly involved in the art world.

The Hollywood Sculpture Garden as seen at night

Show notes:

  • Robby’s background as an artist, and some of the various works he has created
  • how long it took him to set up his gallery in the form that it is, and how he has kept at it daily
  • some of the countries he has been to, and the culture and artistic sense acquired from those regions
  • the things he looked for in the residence he would later use to host the gallery, and how it is necessary to pin down what is important to you in life
  • keeping things varied in terms of types of artistic works made, and how Robby has created in so many styles, such that he takes on a category until he feels like it is on to the next one
  • the many crystals and rocks that he showcases in his facility
  • a video walk-through of his gallery, narrated by Robby and recorded by myself

Having Robby on the show, and recording the episode in person, was a nice change of pace for the content. You can check out the Hollywood Gallery and Sculpture Garden website.




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