336: Chris Boutte | Podcasting And Books With The Host Of “The Rewired Soul”

Can you rewire your soul and the parts of your mind that you want to work on? Fellow podcaster and content-creator Chris Boutte of The Rewired Soul Podcast joins us on episode 336 of the show to discuss the content he has made in recent years, along with his process. We have spoken with some of the same guests, and Chris has been prolific in his reading and guest episodes.

Chris Boutté is a Las Vegas-based author and influencer. You may also know him as The Rewired Soul, his pseudonym on YouTube where has a growing community of 81K. He is the author of CANCELED: Inside YouTube Cancel Culture, multiple mental health books, and he often contributes to wellness publications such as Thrive Global and Tiny Buddha.

Chris reads hundreds of non-fiction books each year and speaks with authors on a diverse range of subjects at The Rewired Soul Podcast. You can also find his expert quotes in publications such as VOX, INSIDER, and VICE. For the curious-minded, visit his Substack to read his whims and musings, and discover reading recommendations on mental health, psychology, philosophy, social issues, politics, and more.

Links: The Rewired Soul Podcast | Twitter | Substack | Personal Site

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