358: Karin Lang | Traveling Europe And Southeast Asia, Confidence Of Self, And Sexual Relations

What kind of bigger-picture understanding can come with traveling to parts of the world and immersing yourself in the culture or activities, and connecting in-depth with locals? How can one’s internal confidence affect connection and physical linkage with others along the way? We cover these topics and more with attorney and world traveler Karin Lang on episode 358 of The Armen Show.

Whether it is going to a region of Europe, or a region of Southeast Asia, Karin tells us of some of the stories and takeaways of switching things up and heading to a place that calls you. When you have a calling that has a sense of urgency or immediacy to it, where another person does not have that same feel, it is up to you to reach for it. Karin has already done this in the travel category a few times, as we discuss on the show, and is on the way to more exploring of this type.

A later topic of discussion in our talk is related to confidence and self-esteem, which then links with our covering of sexual relations and what it takes to make the connection better or stronger for both participants. Though it can take place without such understanding, one person may be left out of the full experience that comes with physical connection, which isn’t a great way to leave things.

One clear link we speak of in this episode is that of our hard-hitting nature, which can rub some folks the wrong way, but does allow us to have an existence free of many niceties that are actually limiting constructs. Though few will be interested in having a life with a lot of directness and rougher moments, those who can handle those are set for some special times.