371: Andrew Shtulman | Science Education, Conceptual Change And Development, And The Thinking Lab

Professor Andrew Shtulman is a cognitive developmental psychologist who studies conceptual development and conceptual change, particularly as they relate to science education. He is a Professor of Cognitive Science and Psychology at Occidental College, and chair of its Psychology department.

His research explores both the acquisition of domain-specific concepts and the development of domain-general inference strategies. His work has appeared in such journals as CognitionCognitive PsychologyCognitive ScienceChild DevelopmentJournal of Educational PsychologyPsychological Science, and Psychological Review, and he is the recipient of an Early Career Development Award from the National Science Foundation and an Understanding Human Cognition Scholar Award from the James S. McDonnell Foundation. Dr. Shtulman is also the author of Scienceblind: Why Our Intuitive Theories About the World Are So Often Wrong (Basic Books, 2017).