390: Bronwyn Williams & Rebecca Faith Lawson | Narrative, Optimism, Investment In A Life, And More

Welcome to a great multi-person discussion on episode 390 of the show, with two past guests returning to the program. In person with me during this recording in Florida is returning guest Rebecca Faith Lawson, while we have Bronwyn Williams of South Africa returning to the show remotely.

We go over a few discussion topics that originated from current thoughts and happenings, as well as from Bronwyn’s recent short clips on her Substack. These include:

  • those who take advantage of others and those who are taken advantage of
  • the return on investment in a life
  • physical books versus Ebooks and how the tangible connects to reality
  • optimism rubbing some people the wrong way
  • who in society controls the narrative, and how it is felt

It was great to take part in this discussion, and to have Rebecca and Bronwyn on the program. You can check out my past episode with Rebecca here and here, and my past episode with Bronwyn here.