397: Faith LeMasters | Sustainable Fashion And The Creation Of L’Avenir De La Mode Magazine

Welcome to episode 397 of the show with Faith LeMasters, representing for sustainable fashion, and who has recently released a first issue of L’Avenir De La Mode Magazine.

From the magazine description:

“After interviewing with multiple designers and creatives, I realized there was a great need for designers, artists, and industry professionals to have a platform where they could truly (and openly) share their perspectives, ideas, experiences, and hopes for the future. This is that platform.

Focusing on emerging talents in the fashion, visual art, and interior design industries (with an emphasis on that which is luxurious), LADLM spotlights these talents and gives them a platform where they can work with the media to generate content that is meaningful (for them and us). We work with established creatives as well who have a strong vision and strive to be innovative in all that they do.

“L’Avenir de la Mode” directly translates to “The Future of Fashion,” and while we are expanding our reach beyond the fashion industry, it will always be at the heart of our publication and is the foundation for the content we create. The name is taken from a past interview I conducted where the designer noted that, at Los Angeles Fashion Week, everyone in the room was the future of fashion. While this content will differ from other projects and publications I collaborate with and work on, at LADLM, we will still be choosing to work with those who maintain a strong code of ethics and values (sweatshop labor is deplorable and we refuse to showcase brands that exploit people for monetary gain or any other reason).

It is my greatest hope that this publication will add value to your life, inspire you along your own journey (whatever that may look like), and give you the encouragement you need to embrace all the beautiful things that make you, you. Because after all, it is this uniqueness that creates a kaleidoscope of incredible culture, community, and individuality (however juxtaposed that may seem).”

You can find the magazine featured here.