399: Charlotte Grysolle | Focus, Motivation, Creative Experimentation, And The Stretch Letter

What does it take to do creative experimentation, and what can you get out of it? How does one build and work on their focus and motivation? What is required to build a newsletter, and what is in the Stretch Letter newsletter. Charlotte Grysolle joins on the show from Belgium in episode 399 to cover these topics and more.

Charlotte has 10 years of advertising/production agency experience in Brussels, New York, Singapore, and London. She started writing online and re-discovered a long-lost curiosity and drive for learning and self-development. It was about 18 months between sharing her first words online and quitting her job.

She made the jump to a fully remote, async role as Student Success Lead at Write of Passage – an online writing school with huge ambitions to change how people write online in the 21st century.

As creator of the Stretch Letter newsletter, Charlotte shares tools and resources to experiment with your mental and physical performance. The content comes out weekly, is highly practical, and is guaranteed to teach you something new about your mind and body.