403: The Social Graph Versus The Interest Graph With Rebecca Faith Lawson

In this episode, we cover the topic of the big change in social media of the past decade, from a socially-based graph of our connections that is about familiarity, to an interest-based graph of our connections that is meant for discovery of novel creators and individuals.

With guest cohost Rebecca Faith Lawson, we go into what the change in algorithms has done to the feeling of using various apps like Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, and TikTok over time. We look into what was good about then versus now, and what the current landscape might be missing.

As well, we look into the comparison of content that is very polished or curated, as opposed to that which is straight from the mind or mostly unfiltered and real, and what types of feelings authentic content evokes.

In closing, we look at how interest-based apps like TikTok may connect with the loneliness that is pervasive and increasing in society, and if the current algorithms contribute to that loneliness.

As we had more to cover on these topics, this is a part 1 of the discussion. It’s always a delight having Rebecca on the program, and may you enjoy and learn from the material.