405: The Social Landscape Part 2 | Creator/Viewer Dynamic & Being A Creator With Rebecca Faith Lawson

The social internet landscape continues to change rapidly, and a lot of people’s time is involved in the various applications in use. Recently, Threads came out from Meta, while TikTok continues to grab lots of attention and Instagram is one of the most default applications for people meeting each other.

Within these applications, there are dynamics between creators and viewers, things that viewers are looking to see regardless of creator, and strategies creators are using to have their content showcased repeatedly. Understanding these dynamics is key to navigating the social landscape, as well as getting to the next apps or services that people will use, because the next are always based on the previous.

On this informative episode, Rebecca Faith Lawson joins in discussion on these topics, along with what stands out from creators, the ability to make content that is true to you and unfiltered, and how to avoid getting into your own head when making creative content.