415: Dr. Martha Sweezy & Rebecca Faith Lawson | Therapy, IFS, Self-Esteem, Forgiveness, Validation

What are internal family systems in terms of therapy? How are shame and guilt different and meant to be worked on? What does it take to bring about tangible change in a person’s well-being? Guest therapist Dr. Martha Sweezy joins myself and co-host Rebecca Faith Lawson on episode 415 to discuss these topics and her breadth of experience in the therapy field.

Having worked in community mental health at the outpatient department of the Cambridge Health Alliance for 18 years as a therapist, supervisor and the associate director of the DBT program, Dr. Martha Sweezy has experience with a wide variety of mental health challenges, many related to the sequelae of trauma.

She is currently an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and a clinical and program development consultant at Cambridge Health Alliance.

Until January, 2015, she was the Associate Director and Director of Training of DBT at Cambridge Health Alliance.

In addition to being the author of several articles, she is a co-editor or co-author of eight books related to IFS.