417: Karin Lang | South American Travels, Legal Work, Relationships, And The Middle East

Welcome attorney Karin Lang back to the show on episode 417, bringing back the in-person discussion after a year of her travels from 2022 to 2023. On this talk, we spoke about the countries that she explored in South America, some elements of dating and relationships that are impactful, her legal work defending victims of childhood sexual assault, and current and past happenings in the Middle East of worldwide importance.

In her travels in South America, Karin experienced a variety of life, as she went through 11 countries in the recent trip. Going through these lands involved meeting a variety of people, having plans go out of order or change very rapidly, reaching difficulty to make things work or get places smoothly, and learning more of the local language along the way. We talk about some of the growth qualities that come from such a travel, and how she is different before and after the fact.

We also spoke on some important elements of how a relationship can flourish, including a description of Karin’s parents’ story, which gives a good example of growing together from early on in life. This was followed up with discussion on her legal work, and then a discussion on recent happenings in the Middle East.