418: Cecilie Traberg | Beliefs, Behaviors, Influence, And Resistance To Persuasion

Cecilie Traberg is a Psychology PhD Candidate at University of Cambridge in the Social Decision-Making Lab and a Storytelling Fellow at University Arts London studying how social influence, identity and interaction impacts our judgements, beliefs and behaviors. She currently focuses on how these social processes influence misinformation susceptibility and how we can increase resistance to persuasion.

Her research is supported by the Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholarship and the Economic and Social Research Council. She uses a combination of methods (experimental, RCTs, behavioral games and interventions) and is particularly interested in methods that allow for measuring real social interaction between people in real time.

She is currently a Visiting Scholar at Princeton University in the Collectives in Cognition Lab and will subsequently be a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Business School with Prof. Amit Goldenberg. She is also a mum of two boys, Theodore and Atlas, who were born during her PhD and a violinist in a symphony orchestra.