74: Going Over My Interview With Dr. Sapolsky On Behave

Hey all and welcome to episode 74. This one is on my text interview with Dr. Sapolsky on his book Behave that I’ve been talking about. It is 8 questions instead of my usual 5, and that’s because I got so into the material through reading and notes. In this episode, I discuss:

  • marketing and how it relates to the brain development of the viewer
  • being generous in an individualistic culture
  • how someone can adapt to their environment that doesn’t suit them
  • efficient ways to manage executive decision-making ability that you have

It was great to have this dialog with Dr. Sapolsky, and his answers were informative to me. The little nuances of answers in response to how I asked the question also teach me a lot about what I was missing or didn’t pay enough attention to.

Onward we go~

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