35: Managing Yourself During Fires And Other Emergencies

Fires happen in Southern California, or near Los Angeles, and a few are currently burning away. This prompted me to do this episode on how to manage during such instances, and those of earthquakes and other disasters, and to think about them in advance.

  • Couple of fires going on right now (Thomas Fire and Creek Fire)
  • Understanding the elements that take place in the area you live in
  • Keeping in mind what is valuable for you to take or leave
  • Organizing your possessions at all times so you are aware of what you have

Aside from this content, I hope all of you are doing smoothly, and will continue with book and related content in the near future. Shout outs to the firefighters who battle against fires, stopping them at tops of mountains or before they get to housing regions.

34: Chapters 9 Through 12 Of Behave By Robert Sapolsky

We are back at it with some Sapolsky for you. This is a summary of chapters 9 through 12 in his book “Behave”, and I took in-depth notes on these chapters regarding human behavior. Some of the topics in this episode are:

  • collectivist versus individualist cultures and their different thinking
  • how culture impacts action
  • how behavior evolved in terms of kin selection and pairing to family and extended family
  • us versus them thinking, and how Others are viewed by Us groups
  • levels of hierarchy in society and how noted they are by all animals, but especially people

This book is packed with information. The next episode that includes content on it will be on chapters 13 through 17(which is the last chapter), and then I will do a recap.

33: The Arboretum, Festival Of Lights, And Goodreads

33 in the building~. In this episode, I wanted to discuss two places I went to, and an update to an online profile of mine.

  • the plants at The Arboretum in Arcadia, Los Angeles
  • flower and plants and what is cool
  • the Festival of Lights in Riverside, and all its various features
  • how I switched back to my old Goodreads profile and updated it

We keep it moving here at The Armen Show. The next episode will return to “Behave” discussion, with a summary of chapters 9 through 12. See you then.

32: World Cup Draw, Predicted Victories, And Country Discussion

World Cup 2018 is coming next year, and the draw for the team groups happened. They are 8 groups of 4 countries each. In this episode, I discussed:

  • the countries involved in the groups
  • stories I knew of that related to the countries
  • things about soccer as a sport
  • my guesses on who would win each group

Onward to great soccer and competition mid-2018. Also, I’d like to point out that there are 32 teams in the World Cup, and this was episode 32 of The Armen Show~

31: Discussing Concepts In Jay-Z New York Times Conversation Video

This episode is discussion about life concepts presented by Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) in his discussion with Dean Baquet of The New York Times, as seen/heard in this Youtube video. This video/audio had concepts about people, vulnerability, truth, fear, pain, compassion, helping, challenging, having a dialogue, and more.

All the times links are to that time in the video, so you can hear him talk about the concepts himself if so desired.

  • 2:57 – goal to live life through your abilities, not to be successful/famous
  • 9:31 – having a dialog about a thing is necessary, it happened regardless of if talked about or not (what you reveal you heal)
  • 11:15 – Jay-Z doesn’t feel racism until when he challenges the status quo – life shows its cards when you challenge it
  • 12:46 – everything is connected
  • 13:37 – people on streets asking “what you lookin’ at” because caused fight because person being seen in pain and responding like “oh you see me”
  • 19:11 – “I love people” “I want what’s best for people” “without people being rich would be very boring” “then what do you do”
  • 20:20 – strongest thing person can do is be vulnerable with their feelings, not guarded
  • 21:30 – can’t expose all truths until people around are ready, and they have their truths too
  • 25:04 – it’s not about being in the white hot space, it’s really small, but it’s about finding the truth, it’s about the forever
  • 27:16 – obligation to further the conversation, it’s okay to be smart
  • 29:44 – you don’t turn your back on the community that uplifted you or your time is out
  • 32:35 – Kanye is a compassionate person – a lot of times you get in trouble trying to help others
  • 34:12 – the best place is right in the middle of the pain, and it’s uncomfortable, most people don’t want to look inside themselves, and so they walk away

I always enjoy conceptual discussion and understanding. If depth is there, I am usually there. Hope you enjoyed episode 31.

30: Not Taking Things Too Seriously

What do we have in store in this last episode of November, episode 30 on November 30, with 10 days in a row of podcasts?

  • discussion about not taking things too seriously
  • giving weight only where it is fitting
  • talk on Christmas tree lightings and their representation
  • some description of my December goals as posted online

Onward we go~

29: Focusing Through Variety, And Some Non-Conceptual Discussion

Threw in some variety in this here episode #29 on November 29th. In this episode that I recorded in a car, we have:

  • focusing in the face of variety and distraction
  • keeping to a plan you have set
  • discussion about cars and people walking by while I recorded this
  • some talk about colors and non-conceptual material

Wednesday was a great day and we move towards December soon. I’m on chapter 11 of Behave so an upcoming episode will include content on chapters 9 through 12.

28: High And Low Energy Times, Products, And Peoples’ Wants

This here is episode 28, on the 28th, with topics of discussion including:

  • high and low energy times in society
  • being efficient with when things are best for doing
  • using the products you have while you have them
  • matching what people want

The Armen Show is rolling out of the year in a booming style, with a flowing sense of direction~

27: Creating Ways To Say Yes That Work For You

The world hands you chances to say yes, but it doesn’t always fit how you do things. Here I talk about an example of how you can.

  • saying yes and suiting it to yourself
  • how chef Morimoto did it with a ketchup example
  • adjusting to life like evolution already exemplifies
  • side discussion of my book discussion in social media

Here is a link to the video I commented about in this episode:

On the Art and Practice of Sushi: The Sushi Chef with Masaharu Morimoto

26: Consistent Effort And Not Acting On Fear

Episode 26 is up on November 26th, and this one is about two main topics, and some side commentary:

  • consistent effort and its associated habits
  • the things that come on the side of regular activity
  • not giving in to fearful decision stoppage
  • why acting in fear is a great universal test
  • some discussion about episodes

Glad to have you on the team~

25: Josh Sussman | Acting, Socializing, Movies, And Food

Episode 25 of The Armen Show, being posted on November 25th(continuing the matching day trend of the past few days) includes a guest who is actor Josh Sussman. Josh is full of life and a warm nature. We went over many things, including:

  • acting he has done over many years since he was 9
  • how we met, and how socializing involving risk-taking can be great
  • movies Josh has enjoyed watching
  • foods of interest and that Josh has enjoyed eating
  • various banter between us as we relate

Shout outs to Josh for taking part~. As mentioned in the episode, here are links to Josh’s various social media:

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | IMDb

24: Descriptions Of Some People I Follow On Twitter

Here comes episode 24 on November 24th, and it is about some of the people I follow on Twitter. I wanted to go over who they are and why I check their stuff.

  • Richard Dawkins¬†– views on biology and evolution
  • Scott H. Young – writing articles since 2006 on personal development and learning
  • Demetri Martin – comedian with deadpan humor and wit to form
  • Daniel Goleman – scientist/author of books on intelligence and social nature
  • Robert Greene – author of key books on power and strategy
  • Elon Musk – businessman who runs companies and gets details implemented

And for those who want to follow my content on Twitter, I am @Armen on there.

23: Thanksgiving And The Things You Do

Happy Thanksgiving folks. Here I do a little talk about the day, and holidays in general.

  • Thanksgiving and the time off
  • using it for something like reflection
  • the habits you can build over time
  • little mentions about my hike

Thanks for listening and look out for more~

22: Net Neutrality And Efforts Of Reaching Out

On this 22nd day of November, I bring up the concept of net neutrality, and its maintenance at the current time.

  • for an internet that remains open
  • so that certain sites don’t cost more than others
  • so a form of a censorship doesn’t happen
  • because the internet is the basis of so much that we have now

21: Responding To Top Posts On The ENTP Subreddit

In this episode, I chose to respond to a few choice posts on the ENTP subreddit on Reddit. ENTP is a grouping of a certain personality type that I am most similar to of that personality type system. (Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving)

Here I discussed:

  • whether my type does breathing
  • thoughts on ego and its relation to self-esteem
  • our introverted nature even though we are extroverts
  • how we process and are suited for sarcasm

Glad to have you here.

20: Alicia Bergman | Jewelry Making, Gemstones, And Salsa Dancing

We have come to episode 20 on The Armen Show podcast. On this episode, we welcome guest Alicia. The topics we discuss are:

  • making of jewelry that Alicia does
  • her interest in that activity, and inclusion of gems
  • ability to make jewelry that matches pieces
  • what draws her to salsa dancing
  • places to go salsa dancing in the local region

Glad to have Alicia up on this 20th episode~

19: Chapters 5 Through 8 Of Behave By Robert Sapolsky

Having continued reading from this great book, I have learned a lot about human behavior. It was recently voted one of the top 10 books of 2017 by The Washington Post. I have been taking notes on it as usual.

Covered in this episode:

  • some aspects of how learning occurs
  • adolescence and the lack of frontal cortex development
  • why Youtubers make videos a certain way for their teenage audience
  • the impact of mothers on growth patterns and self-esteem
  • testosterone impacts on gender differences

Thanks for checking out The Armen Show podcast.

18: Dilan Bandaranayake | Cars, Film, And Product Sales

Shout outs to Dilan’s recent birthday. He joins me on episode 18, where we discuss various items, including:

  • his interest in cars
  • his online group for Hot Wheels sales
  • talk on film and his background in film
  • product sales and what he has done business-wise
  • pointers about risk-taking and losses
  • a car show or event he has been fond of


Dilan’s Hot Wheels group on Facebook and Instagram

Automobile designer Frank Stephenson, mentioned in the episode

The movie The Big Short that I brought up

Sunset GT car event that happens once a month

17: Discussing Some People From My Instagram

  • Discussed various Instagrammers I know of
  • Cristel(criztle) of Frog Creek Farms
  • Vince(vince_jacobs) with music and theater
  • Dilan(dilancer) with car knowledge and film interests
  • Natalie(nataliebiehl_) who does artwork and models
  • Kenny(kennysandersbmx) who was on previous episode
  • Ed(edhumek) who represents for Britain
  • Yelena(yelena715) who is a chef I met after the Grammy’s

The interview with Andrew(LAHWF) I mentioned during this episode:

16: Ira Silver | Real Estate And Sports Content

Guest Ira Silver is on this episode of The Armen Show, and what a fun episode it was to record. Ira has a warm energy. We discussed:

  • Ira on his real estate happenings
  • how he got into the business
  • his interest in fantasy sports
  • discussion of a possible sports podcast
  • a surprise closer